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We’ve written a series of short articles taking you through the why’s, the what’s and the how’s of Bitcoin. Dig in and learn something new today.

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We have a regular Bitcoin meetup in Belfast on the first Tuesday of every month. Come join us for some networking, learning, and possibly even beer.

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Our mission

Bitcoin is Hope

We at NI Bitcoin are passionate believers in the transformative power of Bitcoin. It might sound grandiose, but to us Bitcoin is hope.

The below are some of problems caused by fiat currencies and their mismanagement:

  • Runaway Inflation
  • Extortionate remittances to 3rd world countries
  • The 2 billion unbanked
  • Foreign exchange rates penalising all international trade
  • Financial suppression of opponents by authoritarian
  • Papering over government ineptitude by printing money

Bitcoin fixes each of these.

It is our mission at NI Bitcoin to educate, encourage and on-board as many people as possible into this new financial reality.

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