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Bitcoin Services

We’re here to help you and your business or organisation learn about business. We provide consultations, talks, workshops and structured programs to help you on your journey.


  • Helping private individuals and their families learn, acquire and safeguard bitcoin
  • Inheritance planning

One-to-one Consulting

We provide one-to-one consulting for those wishing to begin or further their education on Bitcoin. In particular, we are happy to assist in helping choosing exchanges, how to self-custody your bitcoin (cold storage) or whether to choose interest bearing or custodial services. We can also offer guidance in installing and running a node as well as using Lightning and digital wallets.

Private & Family Onboarding

In addition to the services of the one-to-one consulting above, we offer assistance in setting the family up on Bitcoin. Bitcoin’s durability, tax-efficiency, and security, makes your private keys the safest and most valuable generational wealth you can pass on.

Equally, ‘dollar-cost-averaging’ (DCA) small amounts each week/month onto a private key for your kids will best preserve your labour and time as a gift for them. With a long time horizon, this will most likely accrete significant value and outperform any other asset you could gift them.

Business Services

  • Get your business and management team up to speed with acquiring bitcoin for your corporate treasury
  • Learn how to securely purchase and safeguard Bitcoin
  • Multi-signature and shared access protocols, etc


We can provide education and advice for those new to this asset class as well as how to buy and exercise self-custody of Bitcoin for your company. In doing so we will ensure maximum regulatory compliance designed to prevent money laundering.

Corporate Onboarding

Many companies – both publicly traded as well as private – are starting to see the advantages of plugging their treasury reserves or balance sheet into the most powerful monetary network in the world. We can assist with end-to-end solutions and strategies for companies, institutions, and high-net-worth individuals.

Group Training

For many companies, investment strategy is seldom the decision of one person. We provide curated sessions to assist boards and decision makers to arrive at a place of common vision on future strategies and their execution in this nascent asset class.

Who are we?

Richard Browbek

DAY JOB: Managing Director of Lightsource

Richard has a degree in Computer Science and 25 years experience building websites for his own businesses and clients. He currently co-owns and manages Lightsource, a leading lighting design and supply company based in the Portview Trade Centre, Belfast. Recent project’s by Lightsource include the Grand Central Hotel, The Grand Opera House, PWC Offices, Hard Rock Hotel Dublin and many more.

Richard’s idea of a good night in generally involves coding or reading about bitcoin.

Simon Johnston

DAY JOB: Owner of Root & Branch

Simon, a graduate in Biotechnology and Theology, has as chequered a career as his education. Formerly a DJ and club promoter, he then got ordained and lead an inner city community in London. His work there included co-authoring a book on spirituality in politics, creating a nationwide anti-sex trafficking movement, and travelling widely as a speaker on emerging church models.

Simon co-founded and now leads Root & Branch Coffee based at Portview Trade Centre in Belfast. His enduring interest in complex systems theory and philosophy took him into Bitcoin and economics, which outside of coffee and his family, occupies most of his time.