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We use Telegram to have group conversations and make announcements. We have a main NI Bitcoin group and then some sub groups dedicated to niche topics. Please check there is not a group dedicated to the topic you are interested in before posting on the main group.

Join the groups by clicking the links below

NI BitcoinThis is the main community chat group. It is for conversations about Bitcoin, topical news, adoption, Bitcoin philosophy, how to engage with Bitcoin, etc.

This is also the channel for announcements and discussing the community itself.
NI Bitcoin – Lightning NetworkA group to discuss lightning network, how it works, its pros and cons, setting up nodes, etc.
NI Bitcoin – Bitcoin Enabled ProjectsThis is a group to discuss Bitcoin and how it relates to other crypto concepts and projects. Fair topics include Bitcoin based DeFi projects such as Stacks and RSK and other Bitcoin technologies like Taro, Synonym, Sphinx Chat, etc
NI Bitcoin – Alternative Crypto ProjectsThis is a place to discuss alternative crypto projects without any need to tie it back to Bitcoin.

What is Telegram?

Telegram is an online instant messaging app, similar is use to WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. Telegram’s distinctive feature is security, with all messages being heavily end-to-end encrypted. This focus on security and privacy has made it very popular with the cryptocurrency community and as such most chat groups use Telegram.

You can use Telegram on your Android device, Apple Device, PC or Mac.